Ultrawave Guitar Tuner

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner 1.4

Digital Guitar Tuner

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner is an application to aid guitar players, enthusiasts, and teachers alike. It is a digital guitar tuner in your computer that has the same functions as a regular guitar tuner found in music shops.

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner is an ideal application both for beginners and professional guitar players, as it is easy to use and the tuning is accurate.

The program has 32 different tuning settings, including standard and dropped tunings to cover different musical styles and playing styles. Ultrawave Guitar Tuner's interface is simple.

The program supports display for the frequency, note and octave for better accuracy. Also, the program displays 6 buttons, each one for each guitar string, to guide users which string is being tuned.

Other features include a Tune Up/Tune Down indicator, changeable tuning key, tuning bar indicator, frequency tracking, built-in monitor and input level indicator.

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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner


Ultrawave Guitar Tuner 1.4

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